Listing Agent

Selling an income-property at a top-of-the-market price requires more than just posting a pretty marketing brochure with proforma income/expense data and waiting for the phone to ring.

Why You Need a Listing Agent

The reality is, in most cases, months of pre-sale preparation is really required/recommended before the “property offering memorandum” is ever distributed to prospective buyers or brokers.

What all sellers NEED to understand BEFORE seriously contemplating selling is…

The primary metric for valuing income-properties is the capitalization of Net Operating Income. In other words, (all else being equal), the higher the supported Net Operating Income, the more an income-property is worth.

Let’s take a look at an example of a typical 30-unit apartment building in our Step by Step Process for Sellers page.

Our Process for Dispositions

Steps Realty Yield's Role Seller's Role
Pre-sale Assessment of Property

Analyze Rent-roll, Financials & Physical Issues

Quantify Value of Implementing Recommendations

Provide Realty Yield Operating Financials

Work with RY To Complete Physical Inspection

Pre-sale Strategy & Action Plan

Draft, Direct & Manage Pre-sale Action Plan + Time-line

Provide Input & Approve Pre-sale Plan & Time-line

Pricing & Offering Memorandum

Determine Current/New Property Value & Suggest Price

Prepare Offering Memorandum

Approve Listing Price and Offering Memorandum

Marketing and Advertising

Expose Property Through All Available Channels

Inform Realty Yield of Any Material Changes In Property Operations, if applicable

Putting a Deal Together

Assess / Qualify Buyers

Negotiate Price & PSA Terms

Manage Process Through Closing

Approve Buyer, Price and Contract Terms

Support Realty Yield During Buyer’s Due Diligence Period

Offering Memorandum

Realty Yiled prepares listing/sale package as well as property specific website for sellers. View our offering memorandum examples below:

Listing/Sale Package (Example)

Listing/Sale Website (Example)