About Realty Yield

Investing in Portland, Oregon Real Estate

Realty Yield guides clients every step of the way to formulate custom-tailored investment strategies to suite both their personal and business goals. Realty Yield is more than just a broker. Our thoughtful analysistechnical competency, and faultless execution  are the vital link between our client’s defined problems (opportunities), and real solutions with measurable, economic value.

At Realty Yield, we excel at defining your problem, recognizing it for the opportunity it is, and translating it into tangible, real world returns and accelerated capital/equity growth.

Realty Yield experts offer:

Our single-minded focus on our client’s investment strategies, (and execution), guarantees that we are committed for the entire length of our relationship. Realty Yield will continually monitor our client's investments and we will actively work with our clients every step of the way, as their goals and needs change over time.

Our commitment, knowledge, and experience make us the the best, most complete, “one-stop” resource for assisting the private real estate investor in creating lasting wealth through income-producing real estate.