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Personal Financial Statement (PFS)

The term Personal Financial Statement (PFS) refers to a document or spreadsheet that outlines an individual's financial position at a given point in time. The statement typically includes general information about the individual, such as name and address, along with a breakdown of total assets and liabilities.


Schedule of Real Estate Owned (SREO)

A Schedule of Real Estate Owned, often abbreviated to SREO, is a list of all the properties in which an investor has an ownership interest. Annotated with some other key information, this list gives an overview of the composition of the portfolio, the amount of equity, and the debt assigned to each property.


Rent-roll Template

A Rent-roll is a document that provides details on rental units owned by a landlord, such as the unit number and current lease details. It gives a snapshot of the gross rental income on a property or portfolio of real estate.

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Operating Statement Template

A property Operating Statement details the income & expenses of a property. Operating Statements, also called “Profit & Loss” or “P&L” statements, are one of the most important documents in investment real estate. This document provides a clear view into the financial health of a property and should be maintained by all real estate investors.

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Capital Improvements List

A Capital Improvement is a durable upgrade, adaptation, or enhancement of a property that "adds value," often involving a structural change or restoration. The IRS grants special tax treatment to qualified capital improvements, distinguishing from ordinary repairs.

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Personal Property List

Personal property is a class of property that can include any asset other than real estate. The distinguishing factor between personal property and real estate, or real property, is that personal property is movable; that is, it isn't fixed permanently to one particular location. Examples include: furniture, tools, vehicles, machinery, equipment, etc.

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Mike Carlson has the ability to analyze and plan a strategy which takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best financing options and most importantly, maximizes the return on your equity.
Gary M
2003 ~ Current
Make no mistake about it; there is a distinct advantage in utilizing an experienced financing liaison. Carlson not only found good properties but also good financing. He made the entire deal work!
John B
2003 ~ Current
We have owned several mid-sized investment properties for many years. I thought we had the financing and refinancing process figured out. I have since learned otherwise. Mike Carlson is much more than a mortgage broker. He is a full service financing resource. His services have proven to be invaluable. Mike Carlson has shown us that the rate, terms and loan amount of a commercial loan can be effectively "negotiated". Anyone would be well served in utilizing his services.When it comes to knowledge of investment property financing Mike Carlson is at the top of my list.
Glen D
2004 ~ Current
I found that Mike’s skills as a financing liaison benefited me financially. He provided the lowest rate that I reviewed. His knowledge and contacts within the banking system worked to our advantage. We were so pleased with Mike’s handling of the sale, purchase and financing of our real estate that we referenced Mike as a contact for our children and our attorney if we should die and the children were to be left with the apartments. We knew that Mike would be honorable and not take advantage of them in settling our real estate holdings.
L Family LLC
2004 ~ Retired
Big thanks to Cory Carlson for helping us sell our single-family home while also purchasing a triplex. As new real estate investors, we were determined to find a great deal that met our criteria. Cory joined us in the hunt and brought to the table some off-market deals, lots of in-depth investment analysis, and several creative financing ideas. Cory is a skilled broker, communicator, and real estate investment advisor I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about building wealth through real estate.
Ryan R
August 2020