Self-Directed IRA Investing

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

IRA & Solo 401k for Real Estate Investing

Investors can free themselves from just traditional retirement account investments (stock, bonds, etc.) and invest in real estate directly, provide secured real estate loans, invest in a small business and more.  

Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Guiding Real Estate Investors

Realty Yield’s role is to function as the “quarterback”, so to speak, in guiding investors through the steps and process necessary to begin utilizing funds currently deposited with traditional custodians (most don’t allow direct real estate investment).  

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Our Self-Directed IRA Process

Step 1

Start a Discussion

Discuss with Realty Yield what to expect from a variety of real estate investment options.

  • What types of properties are available, pros and cons of each property type?
  • What are the best options based on the amount of capital available to invest?
  • What does the buying process entail in investing in income-producing real estate?
  • How is a self-directed retirement account set-up and who are the custodians that offer these accounts?
Step 2

Set up Accounts

If continued interest, proceed to set-up the appropriate type of self-directed retirement account (IRA or Solo 401k).

We will refer you to IRA Advantage, a national leader in self-directed retirement planning headquartered in Portland, Oregon. David Moore, Tom Moore and their team will set-up the appropriate retirement account to properly prepare you for investments in real estate or other alternative non-traditional investments.

Step 3

Purchase Real Estate

Once the proper retirement account is set-up, Realty Yield will guide you through the entire real estate purchase process. Realty Yield is an expert Buyer’s Agent in all types of income-producing real estate. We will also arrange the required type of financing that is in compliance with the laws and regulations of utilizing debt within self-directed retirement accounts.

Additionally, since Realty Yield is a one-stop, full-service real estate service provider, we can also assist IRA/Solo 401K real estate investors with post transaction landlord support services to optimize the performance of their real estate investment-s between the buy and sell dates.

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Why Choose Us?

At Realty Yield, we want your investments to succeed. All investors need a plan, whether your goal is capital (equity) growth, maximum cash flow, realizing optimum tax benefits or any combination thereof.

The experts at Realty Yield will guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of real-estate investment with confidence. At Realty Yield, we know that lasting wealth comes from making the right decisions, at the right times. Knowing what to do in these moments is what sets Realty Yield apart.

By working with us, you’ll benefit no matter what your needs, whether you are looking to buy real estate property, sell real estate property, complete a 1031 exchange, secure a commercial loan, consult on investment real estate / portfolio performance improvement strategies, or executing a tax favorable exit strategy at retirement.

You are more than just a client, and we are more than just a brokerage firm. That’s why at Realty Yield, we make a personal commitment to you. We will create your own, unique, expertly crafted, Personal Real-Estate Investment Strategy. We give you the best results because we have the knowledge and experience to create your best plan of action. We will guide you through those vital decisions of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

We know we are only as successful as our clients. It is by providing unparalleled service that we keep our clients for life. Working side-by-side, year-in and year-out, we will proactively manage, assess, and strategize your financial investments through all stages of the investment life-cycle.

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Client Testimonials

All Testimonials
Mike Carlson has the ability to analyze and plan a strategy which takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best financing options and most importantly, maximizes the return on your equity. Mike is the real deal, honest, trustworthy and highly capable. I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with their multi-family portfolio.
Gary M
2003 ~ Current
For anyone with real estate investments, Mike Carlson’s services are a necessity in order to achieve top results. Mike Carlson is very astute and knowledgeable in not only all aspects of real estate investment and wealth management but also in a wide scope business matters in general.
Lynn L
2005 ~ Current
Mike Carlson and his company are great - very professional, experienced and comfortable to work with. Mike’s analysis and technical abilities is top drawer! He knows how to evaluate portfolios and properties to determine the best investment strategy. Mike Carlson’s brokerage and negotiation skills are very polished and effective. Make no mistake about it; there is a distinct advantage in utilizing an experienced financing liaison. Carlson not only found good properties but also good financing. He made the entire deal work!
John B
2003 ~ Current
Mike has been what I was looking for in a commercial realtor. He has the unique ability to apply financial numbers to a project and not let the emotions of a property cloud the analysis. Working with Mike has always been about good communication and he does a great job. When you do finally find a property worth pursuing he is not pressuring you to make the offer and get the commission. It’s more about the long-term relationship. He reassured me that if he does a good job on this deal I will probably be back for more and sure enough I am in the hunt again.
Clinton L
2008 ~ Current
We were so pleased with Mike’s handling of the sale, purchase and financing of our real estate that we referenced Mike as a contact for our children and our attorney if we should die and the children were to be left with the apartments. We knew that Mike would be honorable and not take advantage of them in settling our real estate holdings.
L Family LLC
2004 ~ Current
I worked with Madison prior to her role at Realty Yield. Her drive and passion has always been evident in everything that she does. She truly is invested in her job and clients best interests. I would highly encourage anyone in need of guidance and expertise in investment real estate to consider Madison and the Realty Yield team.
Austin W
I was impressed with Cory’s ability to communicate and execute the sale of our duplex in pre-foreclosure with a very tight timeframe. He was respectful, professional and really made the transaction a pleasurable experience for my family.
February 2019
Cory Carlson was instrumental in the acquisition of our fourplex. His analysis skills, professionalism and productive communication while searching for our investment provided my wife and I confidence through the entire process. His connection with local lenders and understanding of the principles of finance prove Cory really is your one-stop investment broker and advisor.
Jason & Katie I
January 2019