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Most brokers quickly forget about you after a sale, because most brokers are JUST brokers. Mike Carlson is the exception to the rule. As both an investment real estate advisor/broker and mortgage broker, he is your single, most qualified and trusted resource.  He has the experience, understanding and years of close ties to banking and lending institutions that other brokers just don't have. With his connections and knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry, he will design a powerful investment strategy, guaranteed to achieve the highest returns possible.

Real estate investing is the master plan of your financial investment life, not a confused, haphazard, quick sale.  You can’t afford a misstep, and you certainly can’t risk your financial future to a run-of-the-mill broker’s poor planning.

Meet Mike Carlson, Founder

Success Stories

  • In the past working with brokers I have always been on the defensive simply because it became clear in the beginning that they were out for only one thing, their commission. Working with Mike I was immediately impressed with his ability to understand the scope and economics of the deal. He understands that long-term relationships are what make you successful not quick commission checks. I will continue to work with Mike in the future in whatever capacity I can. I find him trustworthy and moreover very knowledgeable.
    Chris Rogers   Phase Two Development   2000 - Current
  • Working with Mike has always been about good communication and he does a great job. When you do finally find a property worth pursuing he is not pressuring you to make the offer and get the commission. It's more about the long-term relationship. He reassured me that if he does a good job on this deal I will probably be back for more and sure enough I am in the hunt again.
    Clinton Latourrette     2008 - Current
  • He advocates for your position whether representing you in a purchase/sale transaction or working with your lender for the best possible terms. Mike is the real deal, honest, trustworthy and highly capable. I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with their multi-family portfolio.
    Gary M   RKB Properties   2003 - Current
  • When it comes to knowledge of investment property financing Mike Carlson is at the top of my list.
    Glen Davis     2004 - Current
  • Mike’s analysis and technical abilities is top drawer! Carlson is a master at sophisticated computer real estate analysis. He knows how to evaluate portfolios and properties to determine the best investment strategy.
    John B     2003 - Current
  • We were so pleased with Mike’s handling of the sale, purchase and financing of our real estate that we referenced Mike as a contact for our children and our attorney if we should die and the children were to be left with the apartments. We knew that Mike would be honorable and not take advantage of them in settling our real estate holdings.
    L Family LLC     2004 - Current
  • He's a great guy to work with. Mike and I hit it off the minute we met in 2002 and I have all the trust in the world in him and I think that's very important for this line of work. I wouldn't work with anybody else.
    Linda Gagle     2002 - Current
  • Mike Carlson possesses an amazing range of skills and abilities from a constant understanding of the big picture to meticulous management of all the details of complex investment real estate transactions.
    Lynn Wertzler     2005 - Current